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Fred has not only been working in the field of Urban Development, Development Cooperation and Environment, but did also establish a range of so called 'Special Projects'. See selection below.

Punch & Judy, DAM Square Amsterdam

In the heart of Amsterdam, at the famous DAM Square, a 120-year-old tradition has been restored. The return of Punch and Judy is an initiative of Fred Stammeshaus and Wim Kerkhove, the maestro who has been playing at DAM Square for more than 20 years.

Fred: "Generations grew up with Punch and Judy at our DAM. My father and his brothers did, I did, and so did my own kids, during the time we lived around here. After an absence of about five years, I just felt this tradition had to be restored."

Wim Kerkhove: "Fred is an enthusiastic and enterprising man.... Read more

The Red Planet (book for children)

Adventure Book written by Fred, for reading to kids (5 - 8 years old). And for kids to read themselves (aged 8 - 12).

"The stories are funny, exciting and very accessible for kids and their parents. They stimulate the imagination for stars, planets and the galaxy. I can imagine that especially boys enjoy the setting and the story" (The National Literature Fund for Children, Agnes Vogt).

"Its a coherent and good story whereby the beautiful illustrations fit well. An impressive manuscript" (publisher Lemniscaat, Monique Postma).

"I... Read more

Support Group Zetten, against Child Abuse

Support Group Zetten, was founded by people who have been abused in institutions for youth care. It started off with the infamous 'Case Finkensieper', a leading figure in the field of reeducating 'difficult educable teenage girls'. His philosophy: "These type of girls are like crusts of bread: you must pulverize them to bake new bread". He had them put in isolation cells and injected them with heavy tranquilizers when they refused to obey. Many teenage girls have been raped over and over by this well respected professional. Some of them got pregnant. Fred supported the... Read more