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African Churches

In 2008 Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Koney and consultant Ben Kremer (B222B) involved Fred to establish a proper businessplan concerning the realisation of a new building for African churches called "The Kandelaar", in Amsterdam Zuid Oost ('De Bijlmer'). Until the realisation of this new building the African churches were lodged in old parking and demolition buidings. Before the new building was built, Fred took care that the churches found temporary space, just a day before Christmas Eve.

Recently Fred supported the African churches succesfully in their struggle to negotiate a fair deal on renewed contracts. It turned out that the owner, housing corporation Rochdale, had charged the churches around 450 m2 too much rent over the past five years.

Reverend Koney, the leader of the African society in Amsterdam: "My Soulmate, that's what I always call him. Not only because Fred is always there when we need him, but also because he is always prepared to fight for justice. With Fred in your team you are never on your own..."