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Urban Resort Amsterdam

Fred Stammeshaus is co-founder/board member of Urban Resort Amsterdam and its daughters. Urban Resort was founded in 2006 and operates as a missing link between the substantial supply of empty offices and old buildings in Amsterdam, and the demand for cheap business space by the creative industry. Urban Resort is exploiting eight locations (so-called 'Breeding Places for the Creative Industry') in the Amsterdam region: De Heining Studios (see picture), Breeding Place De Vlugt (Burgemeester De Vlugtlaan), the former Volkskrantgebouw (Wibautstraat), Westerdok (Westerdokseiland), Woon-werkpand Omega (Amsterdam Zuid Oost), PRO REGE/HW 10 (Slotervaart) and the former dentist-education-centre ACTA (Slotervaart). Urban Resort is exploiting approximately 20.000 m2 and is lodging more than 500 entrepreneurs. Urban Resort is establishing inspiring buildings for individual and cooperating groups of entrepreneurs who contribute to the vivid urban culture of the city of Amsterdam. Urban Resort aims at active involvement and business wise cooperation of its tenants, in order to stimulate creative activities for the environment and increase mutual turnovers. See website

Duco Stadig, President of the Board and former governor of the municipality of Amsterdam: "Fred is an idealist with practical skills: an ideal combination to establish great results."