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A good place to live and to work, that is what Fred Stammeshaus has been contributing to for more than 25 years, whether in the Netherlands or in developing countries, whether concerning the re-development of old buildings in Amsterdam, micro finance in Indonesia or implementing clean energy in South Africa.

He takes responsibility in realising projects and businesses with social and (semi-)commercial objectives, as a senior consultant or project manager. He turns your businessplans into realistic figures, feasibility and implementation. Fred excels in complex situations with multiple stakeholders.  He builds bridges between entrepreneurs, governmental and social oriented organizations. He works out solutions with great perseverance, in a professional and creative manner, paving the way to social impact and economic results.



Selection of projects done in the field of Development Cooperation:

Kwazulu Natal South Africa, Productive Use Containers

In eight rural and remote villages in Kwazulu Natal, Oxfam NOVIB established converted shipping containers for business purposes to benefit the poor, in cooperation with local authorities. Each container provides for small business space, powered by solar energy, for two till five small entrepreneurs. Haircutters (see picture), mobile phone chargers & ICT entrepeneurs, shoemakers, sewing cooperatives and others benefit from these Productive Use Containers. One retrofitted container is being used as a local cinema for several communities in the region. Fred was hired for due... Read more

Micro Finance and Tsunami Projects in Atjeh, Indonesia

    After the tsunami of Christmas 2004, the Foundation Reconstruction Atjeh (Stichting Wederopbouw Atjeh, city of Deventer) requested Fred to work out and establish several programs for the victims in district Lhok Nga. This resulted in Micro Finance for more than 300 Tsunami-widows to set up small businesses, building projects (school, small local hospital, mosk, offices, playground for children), and social programs (such as computer education and schoolbooks, issuing new birth certificates that got lost in the tsunami, and  workshops for desa-leaders who... Read more

Nicaragua: enterprise for the industrial sector

    In Managua (the capital of Nicaragua), the Dutch foundation 'Technique for Nicaragua' converted an old building, located on the compounds of a technical school, into business space producing machineparts for the industrial sector. The project was commisioned by the Ministry of Industry and Education. The objective was to establish a commercial company where the best pupils of the technical school would find a traineeship or a job. To set up a remunerative enterprise while working with employees who have little experience is a real challenge. Fred was... Read more